Friday, August 18, 2006

Pringle of Scotland Crushes Me

Have you seen this? This killer sweater is by Pringle of Scotland and it drives me mad! I tore this out of British VOGUE perhaps and it inspires me like none other in a long while.

I must attempt to make this magnificent sweater.

I found this HUGE skein of yarn and figured since I'm little, I could make a sweater from 2 skeins (with a total of about 925m!).
Below you will see how it rolls into one very large ball, with a centre pull, of course. It felt like a new exercise, I was on my bed with the skein between my feet, winding and winding and I wouldn't finish until it was completed. It took most of the evening news and a John Stewart Show.

It was worth it. Isn't it crazy big? Those are my fancy, vintage Gianni Versace sun glasses my best girl gave me. They used to belong to her mum. Now I'm the lucky one.

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