Thursday, June 01, 2006

Frumpy to Sexy in Minutes

It is amazing what accessories can do for a look.

NYLON Magazine, March 2006 page 64, She's Crafty column takes a frumpy skirt and turns it into a sexy, neo-neo-classic tunic in less than a half-hour!

  1. take a frumpy skirt.
  2. mine had the zipper on the side seam, so I removed the zipper. If the zip is in the back, leave it there and open the seam 5cm down for about 20cm.
  3. secure seam.
  4. Voila! a sexy tunic.
  5. belt it and wear it.


Read more fun examples of refashioning old clothes at Wardrobe Refashion!


kris said...

hey sexy! how'you doin'?

although one woman's frumpy is another woman's omg-that-blouse-is-so-cute!

Lissa said...

Stylin! You inspire me to DO things with my wardrobe...

mrspilkington said...

great work! isn't the wardrobe refashion pledge fun? i hope that i stick it out.

Flibbertygibbet said...

I've got just the skirt for this! It's next on the Refashionista list, once I get my 'Finish What You've Started' list all crossed off...

aja said...

Wowzers, lookin' good! Very hot.