Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Emerald, Colour of the Season!

Can anyone guess what this will be?

Click here and you will see... it is something knit by Serendipity.

It is for a baby.
It is cotton and green.
It is lustrous and pretty to be seen.
It will be nice and soft and cool and bright!
Bold colours on babies just seems right.

I apologize, I couldn't help it.

Every stitch of this item I think of the Mom. Every stitch I think of how luck this baby is. I dream of the giggles, of the discoveries, of the happiness this new family will have with this new person in their lives.

Uh-oh. Itchy?


Christie said...

That color is gorgeous!

sienna said...

I love bright colours for babies!

(you planning to scratch that itch?) ;)


Dawna said...

That is to cute for words!
If you don't mind sending me the pattern I would be Very grateful. I went to Interweave, found the correct issue but can't print the pattern. This soon to be Gama (Grandma for normal people)thinks her "Squirm" needs one to wear. Thank you. Dawna