Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Building Green

This is the second (and a half) ball. This yarn gets far, not fast, but far. Good that it's a little thing I'm knitting up, I feel like I'm getting good yardage. So here is the building part.

When the edges are folded in, this is what you get:

You can see what it is growing into! This is getting more fun now that the little bits are forming into sleeves and necklines with simple folds.

About that itch. Well, it comes and it goes. Phantom perhaps. As I get older it gets stronger and stronger. The desire to as well as the desire not to.


Christie said...

Oh the desire. Sometimes I see them and they are so amazing. So cute. So wonderful. Then I come to work.

jacqueline said...

it's looking great! now i'm wishing i had of made mine in a bright orange or something instead