Friday, February 17, 2006

Heel of Choice!

Choosing the "Choice heel" is the rub.

BrianyLady's instructions say, "Reposition stitches in order to work heel of choice on the 36 sts. . ."

Alright, I can do that. I repositioned the 36 sts to knit the heel. Yesterday, I knit 2.5" of heel, as it calls for in the Patons pattern for Kroy Socks. Preparing for this event I printed up a few patterns. "This is not going to be hard. This is a challenge one that I can achieve," so I says to myself.

With the top part of the heel done it is now time to knit the short-rows part of the heel, or the shaping of the heel.

The Patons pattern for Kroy Socks is wacky, either that or I'm doing something wrong! I knit and frogged the shaping three times before I decided to change instructions. Too many turns too close together without balance. Yeah and the bottle of bubbles and the other bottle of wine didn't help to clarify the instruction either.

Now both the other patterns are using 32 sts instead of the 36 sts that I have. Oh NO! I'm going to have to reduce the stitches, but where? In the middle or equally on the ends?

I'll be knitting Free-style soon. But before I swing so low, I'm going to email the BrainyLady.

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Congratulations to the Canadian Olympic Team winning 4 medals yesterday!

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