Friday, February 17, 2006

Got It!

I got home and found SPRING 2006 Interweave KNITS magazine welcoming me! Inside, a good pattern for lacy socks. "Simply Lovely Lace Socks" by Karen Baumer. So I read it, especially the heel part. Much better instructions. I knit it, frogged it, got it! Much better instructions.

I am now building the gusset.

This sock is progressing at a good speed. I hope to be casting on for my second sock tomorrow evening.


kris said...

hey, i got my ik yesterday as well! those lace socks are too cute. will definitely be making me a pair of those.

show us your heel! happy saturday!

liss76 said...

So how hard are socks? Really?

Given that I've a) only mastered knitting and purling (and not in a terribly technically-correct manner), b) haven't learned to use dpns or a circular needle, and c) have very little time to knit without the almost-4yr old or the 2yr old "helping", I don't see me learning anytime soon.

LOL Maybe I should just learn to crochet..

So many hobbies, so little time to perfect any one of them..

Miss Twiss said...

I'll have photos for you on Monday, hopefully the completed sock AND a casted-on for the pair.

Reasoning E'Bert said...

I read on your blog that you are knitting the Simply Lovely Lace Socks. I am also going to be knitting these just as soon as the yarn comes in the post.

I have never knitted lace before, so I though why not start a small Knit-A-Long. If you are interested in sharing your experience, feel free to stop by my blog, or you can visit the group at: