Monday, January 23, 2006

Our Family, Election 2006

Today eligible Canadians exercise their right to vote for their next Prime Minister.

I'm planning to vote after work. Jump off the bus a stop early and vote with the other responsibles. Then I have a hot date with my main man. We'll be, urhmmm watching the hockey game and the election results at the same time. Then we'll have pizza and wine and whatever else suits our fancy. We'll be up pretty late, as the results from west coast won't come in until 11pm. But we'll have a new government tomorrow. This is an ouchy time.

Let me talk about the real issues here, the beauty contest. Besides, I've got to get some fashion content in this post!

Our current Prime Minister, Mr. Paul Martin.

A senior Citizen, and should consider retirement soon. I wonder if he's blood doping to keep up with the young guys. I really don't know how he does it, this weekend alone he traveled across Canada to make a last big run for his re-election. He always is dressed to the nines. Great suits, ties, leather jackets and shoes! The guy used to be our Minister of Finance. So, he's got a few pair of Gucci in his closet. He looks like he'd be a good dad. Hair, well, good enough anyways, better than the next guy.

Conservative, Mr. Steven Harper. He appears to be a bully without the confidence to strike with his fists or with strong thoughtful words but by manipulating other brutes to do the work for him. I'm scared folks, I'm scared that this guy is going to be the next Prime Minister..

Sorry about the size of the picture, I couldn't find a better one. But can you see his hair? This is a better picture than most. This guy looks like the adopted cousin you avoid at family gatherings. Like he wants to pick you up, but your related, but your not, so isn't it o.k.? Creepy.

New Democrat, Mr. Jack Layton.

He's our cute car salesman. Good form. Pretty wife of Chinese heritage. I'd say the NDP campaigns have been the most entertaining, the most current (in targeting this demographic ... moi) and the most positive and less cruel than the others. I'd buy a car from him.

Bloc Quebecois, Monsieur Gilles Duceppe. Who wins hands down for style, great hair and for considering wearing cashmere for his photo! Great smile! Too bad he wants to rip the province of Quebec away from Canada. Who really knows how geographically that can happen. He might take the East Coast with him? Then the U.S. will come in and take our water and oil... oh, crap, that's another blog bitch-entry. By the way, Duceppe's hair might be too good, which is questionable.And lastly, Green, Mr. Jim Harris.
I really don't have anything to say about this guy. He looks like the brother in-law you just want to shave bald and groom his eyebrows. He's a green-guy, so he's taking the bus all the time and growing his garden and doesn't really have the time for fashion. Poor soul, but he's lucky he's got something going for him, the teddy-bear look is always better than creepy.

So, who'll win the beauty contest. That really is the democratic process, no?

But, if they were in a death match, who would win?

I think it would be a bloody mess between heavy weight Jim Harris and wry Jack Layton.

That's kinda how I'm leaning.

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Diana Jean said...

I'm going for Jack et al. Won't do a lick of good out here in the Bible Belt, but at least they'll get $1.75 for each vote cast.

Hope the Greens elect at least one, (the Sunshine Coast/West Vanouver riding is up for grabs)who then chooses to vote with the NDP.