Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Wee Bag Finds Home

This little wee bag found a home.

I'm pleased to announce, a lovely young woman with extraordinary taste will purchase this wee handbag sometime soon. She came into the boutique not long ago because she saw me, and the wee handbag at the LadyFest Not You Grandma's Craft Sale back in December. And she wants to get it for a girlfriend's birthday. Said her girlfriend loves fibre arts and will appreciate the wee handbag.

Say, it pays off to participate in those craft sales. Not to mention it was fun fun fun too.


Political update. . . [ticker tape sound here]

As I feared, Steven Harper is the new Prime Minister of Canada leading a minority government. . . . [more ticker tape sound]

Which means, we'll be back at the polls in another 6 months to do it all over again.

. . . [end of ticker tape sound]

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Nichola said...

What a lovely bag!