Thursday, January 19, 2006

McCall's 3950

My first job ever I worked in a fabric store. I would rather browse through the lot of patterns kept in the large filing cabinets than read through the oversized pattern books. I loved patterns mostly because of the illustrations. I dreamt of being an illustrator for pattern companies in New York City. Then stuff changed. Patterns themselves changed to photographs or generic ladies. But mostly because patterns weren't a part of my life anymore since I learned to make my own.

One of my best girls found this and thought immediately of me. Was it the red polka dots or the bow at the neck? I don't know. But it brings me to a place far, far away.

The blouse kicks! Check out the pant suit! Ladies, it is all about the pant suit this season! I know, I read it in Vogue... like that makes a difference?

Below, a picture of the back with all its information.



I'll use this as inspiration. I like the old patterns, they are less interested in cutitng costs. Things like shoulder darts and lots of notches.


Christie said...

My mom has some of those old patterns from when my sister wore Gunnie Sax dresses. So funny!

Nichola said...

I love old patterns and have even made myself a few skirts from them. I wish i knew how to make my own though.

jacqueline said...

my mum has a whole swag of old patterns that i absoltuely love rummaging through. you have prompted me to have a look at them ... maybe tomorrow.