Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Are Gypsies Having More Sex Than The Rest Of Us?

Only today, I'm beginning to feel like myself again. New York City took the piss right out of me.

Enough! Less mellarcky and more pickchas pickchas, pickchas!

Last night one of my girls lent me her Vogue Knitting from the fall. Thanks Mel! I'm late on the uptake. But a good pattern is a good pattern, always.

It seems I've been into No. 24 V-Neck Vest for some time now. It still makes my heart flutter.

But you know when you look at a magazine and you love some of the stuff, but not enough stuff to keep looking at it? So, you file it away with your older mags. Until one day further away, you pick up that magazine and you find tonnes of things you love and it feels like your looking at them for the first time! This is how I feel about this magazine. Check out the styles I love-love-love:

If I knit this sweater, and wear it without brushing my hair, will I look like I'm having more sex than I am?


kris said...

great to have you back, dahling! however, do stop showing pics of those vests - my waiting list is way too long already. of course, a deep v like that would take no more than ten minutes to knit, right?

now, go brush your hair!

jacqueline said...

oh fact i might go into work like that today.

i am quite taken with that fairilse vest thingy - as kris said - stop showing pics please!

welcome back!

Christie said...

All the benefits, none of the mess! Knit it up, give the brush a rest and let us know how you feel! ;)