Thursday, October 06, 2005


The yarn calls for 8mm. The pattern calls for 9mm.

I started with the 9mm. I didn't like the result. I've pulled that out and started again with the 8mm.
See the picture below? That was knit with the 8mm. I tried to pull the sleeve around my wrist, and well, let's just say I've begun the sleeve again on the 9mm.

I like the tension on the 8mm. It is working for me.

The tension on the 9mm is not working for me. I'll take a picture of that today.


kris said...

bummer. can you use 8mm and go up a sweater size?

Lissa said...

I would agree with Kris. Try going up a sweater size... your row gauge will be off, but you'll be happier with it.

jacqueline said...

i was about to suggest the same thing as kris and lissa. try going up a size. but be careful of how much yarn you have bought. you don't want to run out.