Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Forward On!

Thank you Jacqueline and Kris for responding so quickly to my concern.

In my book of knitting, I've decided this instruction should say, no count. Not no stitch. NO COUNT.

Do not count this stitch on the chart.
Do not count this stitch in your heart.
Do not count this stitch in your knitting.
Do not count this stitch while your sitting.
Do not count this stitch in your house.
Do not count this stitch with your mouse.

Thanks Dr. Seuss for that inspiration. I will always remember that instruction!

The yarn I purchased the yarn was at one of my local yarn shops called Yarn Forward. They will ship internationally.

The web-site is not as pretty as the kinds of internet shops I do like, so let you be warned! Another warning is that my town is not exactly the kind of town where aesthetic standards are raised. But that's another blog entry, titled: I Have a Hate-On for my Town.

Here is one complaint I have for my LYS: if a company decides they will carry this particular magazine for their customers and actually carry this particular yarn, why wouldn't they carry the colour in the magazine? Either the purchaser is colour blind or really has little imagination or didn't see the pattern in the mag! I don't understand certain business decisions sometimes. Check out the colours they do carry! But it does happen in the industry where designers get sample colours and then the yarn company later pull the colour for whatever reasons, like green is an endangered species!

They do have some wicked stuff:

The wicked stuff is Lilly Chin. The colours are brilliant. Her label is very New York. Slick, sophisticated. And her yarn is aptly named, Chelsea, Tribeca, Gramercy, etc..

YF has this Bamboo that I've used for a Ruffles scarf for a christmas present. The lustre is beautiful, the colours are smooth. But my sister says, bamboo is extremely flammable. In fact, it'll sort of explodes when lit*. I have some fibre, and some yarn, I'll burn it and I'll report my experiment!

*Keep Away from Open Flame.

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Lissa said...

I'm intrigued by the Lily Chin yarn, especially Chelsea. There seems to be a fairly big hate-on for her though, at least evidenced by the Knitting! Livejournal community. However, they seem decently priced...

As for LYSs, YarnForward's great, but not my favorite. I like Wool N' Things and The Cross Stitch Cupboard, myself.