Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Bless Her Children's Children

It really was coincidence.

The gods wanted me to knit one. Thanks Streets and YOs for the entry, it got the gods thinking.

A few weeks ago I dreamt of this sweater. But in ivory, plied with a sparkly-mohair-something-or-other. Hey, I was dreaming!

This afternoon I actually bought yarn for BlackBerry, from Knitty. I brought it to my S'n'B to start it. As one of the girls was browsing through a copy of my Interweave KNITS mag I noticed, over her shoulder, the pattern was in it - not in the Fall issue like I thought it was. I was so excited! You know when you're looking for something specific in a magazine, you can never find it? It happens to me all the time. I was even more excited to learn the very same yarn I purchased for the shrug is the very same yarn Ms. Teva Durham called for in the pattern! Remarkable. Serendipitous, even.

I thought I would start with a sleeve, something smaller and not so committed, so I casted on. I got the twisted ribbing done, I started on the lace pattern, then I stopped at the instruction, NO STITCH. WTF does that mean? Check the glossary in the back, hmn no explanation. It has to be explained somewhere in that mag! Do I carry the stitch until the next row or row after that? What do I do when I get to a row of them?

I've seen this before in lace patterns. The instruction always scared me enough to forget about the pattern. Not now! It is only one friggin' square telling me No Stitch. It is fate I'm knitting this sweater and I will conquer the difficulties.

Ladies, I bless you and your children's children. Please guide me in the right direction.


jacqueline said...

what it means is that there is literally no stitch there because you have done a k2tog or something previously. so just skip that little black box in the chart and move on to the end of the row. you'll see that it all works out perfectly.

kris said...

yep! what jac said! skip it!

wow, you got the same yarn the lace leaf calls for? what's it like? was it expensive?

Miss Twiss said...

Ladies, you rock! I tried it, only a few row... waiting for my water to boitl... until I go into my studio. That makes a whole lot of sense now.
The purchasing of the yarn was a complete mystery! But, it could have been a complete subliminal and purposeful decision.