Friday, August 19, 2005

Spins & Needles

Location: Clocktower Brew Pub in the Glebe: 575 Bank St. just south of the Queensway. Starting time: 8pm. Cover: $4. 19+

For all hip crafters and non-crafters who want to share ideas, trade materials, barter for goods, hear some good music, and have a few drinks. .

Bring your own hip project to work on, dive into the craft bins, or work on the project of the month. This month we will be starting up the *spins & needles* Collaborative Activity and Artbook Project: Draw a colouring page, whip up a comic, create a crossword, add anything to the book. We'll accept all submissions to the Collaborative Project until November. In December, all pages will be collated and distributed in hard copy format and will also be available on our website. Submit your creative pages now!

Funky beats will be provided by:
  • Zattar (funktion!/spins & needles)
  • Jason P. (stay house!/spins & needles/techcetera/trio lounge)
  • Andrew O. (techcetera/saw gallery)

For more info or to join the mailing list for this monthly event,

e-mail spinsandneedles at or check out


Lissa said...

Have you been? What's your impression of the event?

Miss Twiss said...

I haven't yet. And I feel badly for not participating. But I do what I can for the Spins and Needles group. I've gone to their craft sales, I put up posters in the boutique, I sport a SnN pin on my jean jacket. They are doing something new and interesting. I enjoy supporting them. More of this creative group thing could happen more often.