Wednesday, August 24, 2005

I'll Play

It was Serendipity. The serendiptousness herself, Jacqueline from Melbourne, wicked knitter extraordinaire, has tagged me. And I'll play with her. Especially because of the topic, and because the kids in the neighbourhood are having a great summer. They are playing hard. Running around. Having fun. Arguing. Resolving.

Five things I miss about childhood:

  1. Snuggling into my mom's lap. I'm too big now.
  2. Pretending. I loved to play with barbies, dressing them, undressing them, dressing them again. Hhmn. I do that now, but the dollies are ladies and they undress themselves. Tee Hee
  3. Laughing until my tummy ached at sleep overs.
  4. Canoeing over to, and camping on our island in Northern Ontario, eating wild blueberries and raspberries and running around naked... there were no tan lines on this bod. Burnt marshmallows, fishing with no bait and swimming in crystal clear water.
  5. Time. The days lasted forever. The summer lasted forever. Visiting family lasted for ever.

Childhood should last longer.

I'm going to tag Twister's Yarns, Miss Vicky, and Kristel. Have fun ladies.


Kristel said...

I'm usually bad at memes, but I did answer this one just for you... ;)

Miss Twiss said...

Kristel, your a good sport! Thanks for playing

jacqueline said...

i love your answers.

why is it that time went so slowly as a kid?

Miss Vicky said...

whoops - missed the tag while on vacation. Will get on this shortly.