Friday, July 01, 2005

Long Weekend Ahead!

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July 1st is Canada Day. 

I've got the day off to play baseball with my boyfriend, enjoy free jazz in the park with friends, hang out with the family, and watch fireworks once the sun goes down.

Have a great weekend!


kris said...

happy belated canada day! hope you had a great day with lovely weather and good company.

Laurin said...

Happy Canada Day Laura! I hope you had a great time playing baseball and listening to the jazz in the park.

Miss Twiss said...

Thanks ladies,
Canada Day is expecially crazy here in the Capital. There is so much to do. We decided to miss the Jazz, man it would have been good, except there were these GREAT big-bag-black clouds, (did I mention threatening?) overhead and we didn't need to be a statistic. So we went home. Opened a bottle of Concerto (red bubbles) and enjoyed the rest of our evening with family.

And that was on Friday!

Long weekends begining on a Friday ROCK!

Diana Jean said...

I agree, Ottawa is one of the best places to enjoy Canada Day. They really know how to host a par-tay.

And the jazz adds a certain, je ne c'est quois into the entire affair.

Save some energy for me, one month till we arrive!