Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Fashion Tip of the Week

For those ladies with small shoulders and larger hips, the shrug is a great piece to add to your wardrobe this summer and to take it well into the next season.

To best achieve the hour glass shape, the covered shoulder will balance out the hips and hence creating the illusion of flattering feminine curves, and of course, pleasing the "eye".

Layer under your shrug a lacy or ruffled type blouse will create interest and texture. Load up on the long textured necklaces and you have that sophisticated bohemian look.

Fashion is about exercising your style. Have fun with it!


jacqueline said...

like i needed an excuse to make a shrug. i think i need you when i go shopping.

Miss Twiss said...

Anytime I'm in Melbourne, I'm your girl to shop with! The influence Asia has over The British Colonies and the influence Australia has over Asia produces a wonderful and unique look at fashion, textiles and style.
Like I said, I'm your girl. Though, it might take me awhile to injest it all.