Sunday, May 08, 2005

My Ride

This is one of my many interesting views on my bicycle ride to work. This is Canada's War Museum. All weekend long, large and loud airplanes have been flying over our heads. Big celebration. V-E day celebration. (Victory in Europe day is May 7th) Yesterday when I drove by the big military band was playing and there were people everywhere. This building is magnificent.



Diana Jean said...

I cant' wait to see the new museum and to take that ride this summer. I'm looking at bringing a spinning wheel with me this summer, going to borrow a travelling one from the guild, so we can get playing with fibre. Will also bring some hand cards and some fun fibre! How's this sound?

Miss Twiss said...

Yes! I am very much looking forward to that ! !!! !!! ! ! !

When I ride my bike along the bridge to Quebec, I can see the Cathedral, the National Art Gallery of Canada, the Parliament buildings, the beautiful and treacherous river with all the greens, I just love it. And that is only a segment of my ride.

I'll take you and Miss Twiss the Younger [and possibly the Youngest if she is available, I know she'll have quite an agenda]along the path, it truely is lovely.

P.S. I'm not really interested in what the museum is for, but it has been very interesting watching it go up. By the way, all of that triangular part is copper.

Anonymous said...

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Chris said...

that building looks really cool...i wish i could ride my bike to work. by the way i put up the pic of me and jenny from rilo kiley if you want to check it out...thanks for reading my blog!