Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Gemelas Embarazadas

Did Maria Lezon paint twins in 2003? Pregnant twins? Could this be some sort of foreshadowing?

Thank you Maria, for sending me pictures of your work. I have something to post. Otherwise I would be sharing my daily events which do not include creating fashionable wearable pretty things.

Like this: Tonite, Ms. Bean and I will be painting a mural on the back wall. When you walk into the boutique you will see this Moroccan inspired decor framing the clothing displayed. It is going to be impressive and unlike any other. Really. We've visited NoLita, SoHo, Piccadilly Circus, Beverly Hills and there isn't a boutique like this one! We are excited and cranky about it.

If only I knew what "Gemelas Embarazadas" means.


Diana Jean said...

According to the free translation available on-line, "gemelas embarazadas" means, twins embarrassed, or maybe embarrassed twins. (?)

Miss Twiss said...

Maria Lezon is from Spain.

As our french from the new world vs. the old world can be different, a translation could be different as well, N. American Spanish vs. European Spanish.

She told me this morning it means, "Pregnant Twins".

She knows one of the babies is a boy, the other she can't see. You see, she can't see it's sex because it's arms are over it's head, protecting itself from the boy, who is kicking it. She can feel it happen.

Ms. Lezon is reprimanding them already.

Scaramantha said...

It could also mean embarrassed binoculars...