Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Hello New Digs

It has been two days now working in my new life and so far, so good.
Here's the deal:
  1. I sell clothing and accessories to customers.
  2. I organize and implement daily tasks to help run the business.
  3. I submit & receive orders.
  4. I design my own line of clothing and accessories for the boutique.
  5. I see my customers in my clothing and make adjustments when necessary.
  6. Weekly, I will bring in new items, in a full size range.

There is the learning curve I'm stuck in right now. That won't last long, I'm good for that. It is a time of major change in many areas in my life. And I love it!

This week we are preparing for a great move. The business has been in it's infancy for over 3 years now and it is time to grow up.

In 10 days we will move into a location, just 4 numbers down the street, double the size we are in now. That means, we have to fill the boutique up with double the amount of merchandise and double the amount of customers.

Preparation is key. Things are moving swimmingly. Large advertisements across the city. Merchandise ordered. Basement moved. Office kinda planned out. Store plan, not quite finalized, but we're getting there.

Then there is the unforeseen stuff that always happens. All I can say, I hope it isn't hazzardous to our health.


Diana Jean said...

This sounds soooo exciting, but who is "we"?

Miss Twiss said...

Me and my pal Patts are we. She owns Amuse boutique. Miss Twiss the Younger has her earrings on consignment there. I had my jewelry on consignment too. Now just my clothes and some accessories. And now, I work there.

Sara said...

That's wonderful! I think there's nothing so satisfying as owning your own business. It's been a big growth experience for me personally, as well as professionally. Congratulations on making the leap.

Miss Twiss said...

Eventually I will own my own business. This way I'm helping out an associate and she's helping me out, in the same calibre. We work well together and we know it will be good for the business and hence ourselves.

Thank you for your comments.