Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Tonite is our Stitch 'N Bitch

Not long ago my girlfriend Lesley B. and I were talking about knitting, how we've done it before we can do it again. Lesley B. found a great book, Stitch 'n Bitch, it was totally our calibre. We dove in and learned the best way we could. We would scour the local second-hand shops for unused knitting needles and yarn and found some gems! We would show eachother our new creations and bounce ideas off each other.

Sometime last year I invited many of my friends to come and knit at my place. Let's call it a rehearsal. Maybe it was the fact I don't have many friends who are interested in knitting, or I wasn't offering any wine or beer to knit with but only
Lesley B. and my mom showed up.

Sometime after the holidays, this year, Lesley B. invited all of her friends to come and knit at her place. A whole bunch of ladies showed up, it was a real get together! Now we can call it a regular Stitch 'N Bitch.

Tonite I'll report on my adventure to the
Knitters Guild meeting last week... Please read Day One: Complete blog entry from early last week. Miss Twiss the Younger will be at the meeting so she can ensure I'm giving correct details of the event.

One of the ladies at our gathering is going to have a babieS. Somehow during our gathering we decided to knit up a baby blanket for the upcoming event, we have until August.... This weekend I knit up a simple square in 100% cotton chenille in a chartreuse/acid green. Then I knit up another, one that looks just like the first but different. In the same yarn, just a different border. I will try to get a photo of them up. While I knitted these little bits I felt so excited about how special these blankets could be. All the ladies at this Stitch 'N Bitch are so talented and lovely it is a sure thing a beautiful productS will come of it.

"Don't mix Alcohol and Lace Knitting.
The results can be deadly."


godmademefunky@thirty-nineanda half said...

Hey Laura,
Do you have any friends out there in blog land that might know the secret to lace knitting? Or, perhaps you do? Don't just tell me not to drink. It's even more difficult without my wine.

diligent law student said...

hi, just browsing blogs and read yours - cracked me up - stitch and bitch? Sounds like some good therapy...might have to try that out myself!

Diana Jean said...

The "secret" to lace knitting is to remember that lace is simply the creation of holes (yarn overs) and decreasing to accomodate the new holes. There are a lot of different ways to decrease, and your pattern will usually tell you which one to employ. Start with something easy, like a lace shawl from Cheryl Oberle's Folk Shawls book. And make sure you have stitch markers and a nice bottle of chilly white beside you.

godmademefunky@39.5 said...

Thanks for the advice dj. I'll look for that book and I'll give it another go.