Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Day One: Complete

It was a disaster. By the time Miss Twiss the Younger and I left her place, it was 7pm. She fed me a great meal and I lost track of the time. I was also wracking my brain trying to think which would be the best way to get to our destination, since we were taking the bus.

There are many options in our 'hood, so we took the first bus that came by, bringing us South and West in the city, right in an area where the street is cut and shifted for a few blocks. Of course, I chose the wrong end, walked a few blocks to get a look at an address in the 800s and we need to be in the 200s, we are 500 numbers away! So, we cross the street, walk up a few blocks, find the street again and walk North to the find our meeting place.

By the way, all day long the sun was shining hard and warming the sidewalks melting the snowbanks, but at nite it is cold and all the melting snow turned into ice or slush and ice a wicked combination for those walkers in a rush.
We find the side entrance. In the room to our right, behind the door are sounds of forty or more kids in a jumping gym. In the room to our left, the one with the window we see about 70 ladies, about 5 to a table looking down into their laps, knitting. One woman is at the front of the room talking to the crowd ignoring her. There are so many people they need a microphone to project their voice. Quietly we walk in and introduce ourselves to the lady at the nearest table, we pay a wee fee and she tells us we missed the newsletter stuff, upcoming events, basically all the good stuff.
It was more interesting being there watching so many ladies knitting. At the end there was "Show and Tell", most of the ladies were wearing their knitted pieces but were so far away we couldn't really see detail, from far, they looked impressive. We were too tired and cranky to stick around to pick brains so we motored as soon as we could.
Miss Twiss the Younger promised never to come with me again.
I'll go again.

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