Monday, March 21, 2005

My Things To Do List.

Listed by order, not priority, I have some deadlines this week:

  • Tonite, after the 9-5, I'm dragging a few girlfriends from my Stitch 'N Bitch and we're going to crash a local Knitting Guild meeting. We are not members but shopping to see if we would be interested in joining, well I am anyhow. We are also hoping to meet some experienced knitters so we can pick their brains and generate ideas from them.
  • Tomorrow, we are extending our hours, at the 9-5, to host a partay for those who have grown with the business. I should be exhausted by my next appointment.
  • You see, after the party I have a meeting with my girl-friend who owns her own boutique. I have to have merchandise to give her by that time! So sometime after the Guild meeting and before the 9-5 tomorrow, I have to complete my bias tops.. I'm just about finished.
  • Wednesday nite I prepare for my Costume History class the next morning.
  • The class meets at a Museum. There is an exhibit on the 60s. I'm having them select a piece of art and from a detail of it come up with a mini-collection of clothes. I'm hoping it'll be an inspiring and an educational exercise.
  • Friday I have to myself, so I'll probably complete other knitted tops to put into the boutique. The more there is there, the more opportunity to sell.

"It is written, it shall be done"

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sofasophia said...

ooo, busy Miss Twiss! maybe you should spend friday lazing on the couch, drinking sweet earl grey tea, and dream big from all the creativity you've arranged for yourself this week.