Saturday, November 24, 2007

OTTAWA Not Your Grandmother's Holiday Craftsale - December 1

In the mornings, my guy leaves very early for the day while I'm still sleeping. He comes into our room and whispers to me. When he whispers into my sleeping ears, he says things like, "Have a great day, I'll make risotto for supper" or "I love you. We'll snuggle tonight" or like this morning, "You'll need your winter boots and a rain coat" Sometimes I drift back to sleep. This morning, I slugged myself out of bed to check the white coverings.

More and more often the weather threatens to be more winter like. So you know what that means?

Not Your Grandmother's Holiday Craftsale is coming soon! This holiday season it's happening December 1st.

Now that's plenty of time to find specially crafted, hand made, clever and thoughtful presents for your special people this season.

As last Spring, it's gonna happen from 10-5pm at Jack Purcell Community Centre.

$2 is the suggested entrance fee. That fee goes to help raise funds for the next Ladyfest Ottawa festival. They also sell tickets to win a huge basket of crafts donated from all the participating crafters.

Go here for more information about LadyFest.

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Lesley Buxton 's Scarf Vines

Lesley Buxton knits and felts these vines in fabulous colours and soft wool. She combines some goofy textures as well. Decorate an area of your home with them or wear them as scarves. They have insulative properties after all!

Ms. Buxton's scarf vines are available from $48-68 and only at the LadyFest craft sale. Unless I convince her to set up an Etsy store.

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Here's another: Lilybug. She makes guitar straps, camera straps, and bicycle seat covers in clever fabrics that make you smile. Check her out here and come to the Ladyfest and pick up her stuff there!

* *** ** * * * ** ** * **** *** ** * * ** **Then there's Maria Lezon. I love her sense of humour and she is so smart! Mainly her topic is the daily lives of women.

At Ladyfest, Maria will have some of her illustrations printed on t-shirts, and a cards too.

If you are interested I encourage you to visit her website at and learn more about her and her work.

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Paper Skirt makes lovely invitations and greetings. One of my favourites is Howly Holidays Christmas card for canine lovers.

Purchase one for $5, or six for $18

Beautifully made cards with a great sense of humour.

Try a set of ten recipe cards, Needs more tuna, for only $4.

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Just today, Youth League and The Spies posted an entry about this same topic. To read about more crafters who'll be at the Ladyfest Craft Fair, check it out!


mintyfresh said...

Thanks for the mention! I'm bringing help this year, which means I get to wander around and see what everybody else has been up to! Will you have a table this time around?

Maria Lezon said...

I love reading your blog. It is a must do everyday, se what is new in the beauty department of town.
thanks for a wonderful job.

Alison said...

Hmmm. I'm not fond of the whole "not your grandmother's [blank]" as a concept, but I'm going to think about trekking down to Ottawa for this.