Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Buy Handmade: No. 1 Little Black Crow

Really this MUST be shared!

Little Black Crow added these 4-9" tall sculptures to her Etsy shop. She has hand sewn, hand painted and stuffed these sculptures, perfect for a little person's room or for someone special. She is in Hobart, Tazmania! Read more about Little Black Crow on her Etsy shop.

It was a postcard swap, organized by Nikki-Shell, that introduced me to Little Black Crow. She sent me a postcard with one of her beautiful sculptures on it. A prototype perhaps to this project, and it is beautiful. It is in my studio, it inspires me to think beyond the expected and it is lovely. I am certain one of these pretty sculptures will do the same for you or for your intended this holiday season!

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