Thursday, October 25, 2007

Miss Twiss Spring 2008

This might not be a big collection but I'm pretty gosh darn proud of it.
La-La La-La Laa!

This collection's decibel is at the right volume. Not too much. Not too little.

The gathered yoke with piping on the jacket creates a gentle country-like volume. A bias cut skirt with self-faced hem trim and bell shaped side seams, compliments the tone.

Pizzicato gathering at the neckline.

Pockets in the dress.
Pockets in the skirt.

Cinched at the waist.
Buttons up the back.

There are two styles of pants that puts all the musical notes together.

The sleeve on the blouse has changed since, it now follows the line of the bell shaped skirt (which has a deeper self-faced hem-trim) and has a gathered wrist. In fact, the sleeve has the shape of tailored sleeve, as the seam doesn't run under the arm but behind the arm, but the appearance of a bishop's. Now, I think I'm pretty clever!

  1. Jackie's Jacket
  2. Bell's Skirt
  3. Mrs. Astor's Dress
  4. Brooke's Blouse
  5. Peg's Skirt
  6. Patti's Pant
  7. Jeanie's Jean
All of these styles are named after important female philanthropists. Mrs. Brooke Astor, Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis, Corianne Bell, Patti Lefebvre, and a few unknowns.

A selection of this collection is currently found at Amuse Boutique, 248 Dalhousie St. Ottawa, (613) 562-2229 and at my (linked here)


Vanessa said...

oh I love it miss twiss..the long sleeves top and the navy blue outfit..gorgeous!!

Robin said...

Looks beautiful! You have some versatile pieces.

nikkishell said...

Tres chic!

Alison said...

Congratulations on your (very smart-looking) collection!

sulu-design said...

You should be pretty gosh-darn proud of it. These pieces are fabulous - so sophisticated and simple. Lovely.

Alice said...

OMG! I so desire that dress!

kris said...

eeeh, they are all fabulous! i wanna come over and try them all on!

my faves: the jacket and the dress with (*gasp*) pockets. mmmm!

knottyknitpicks said...

you are so talented, miss twiss!