Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Knit In Chunks has been a labour of love. It was last August when I saw the image of the Pringle sweater in the fashion magazines. It was British Vogue who printed the largest version, thank you BV.

Now a little history:
The counting of how many years I've been interested and physically participating in my world of fashion happened the other day, I was in my kitchen and it dawned on me. I've been interested in this field for twenty-five years! Let me premise that I was still in high school but an experienced sewer then. Sewing came easily to me, easier than academics.

Now the facts:
Its been quite a while since I've felt passionately about fashion. I mean the kind of curiosity and excitement an image or silhouette or fabric or person can incite (Rochas did it for me but it was short lived). Why the passion subsides is another topic, but this Pringle sweater triggered something in me.

I was challenged. To see knitting in fashion and the complication of it.

The simplicity of the core. Three pattern pieces really. Yoke. Body. Sleeve. The challenge of the cabeling and the challenge of writing it down.

There was one commenter who suggested "A Knitting Treasury", gave me the page number and the pattern names. But I didn't go that route, it would have been too easy. I needed to figure this one out on my own. And then share it.

You see, I swatched that yoke cabel pattern for hours until I was satisfied with the representation. I tried cabeling on the wrong side and it worked. It was right! By the time "A Knitting Treasury" came in from the library, it was like checking the math answers in the back of the book.

I learned.

Thank you commenter. To my regret, I was changing my comment tool around that time of your comment and it and other comments are lost.


Kimberly said...

I can't wait. I'm so excited for the pattern. YAY!

BabyYouCanDriveMyCar said...

Hurrah! I am so glad. I've already started it, here:

yarnarchy said...

I'm really agog to see the pattern and try it! Its quite mouthwatering. Very well done.
Kate x

Glaistig said...

My finished but neglected lavender yoke sits patiently in anticipation!! :)

knottyknitpicks said...

yippee!! it's been a while since i have been able to think about knitting (and still always had your version of this sweater on my mind) can't wait for the final pattern!