Monday, August 14, 2006

The unmistakable

One thrid of Glampyre's Orangina is complete. In original orange no less.

With the amount of ripping back, I knit this front piece a few times over. Finally I have the nerve to knit this lace in public. But for some reason, I can't bring my self to cast on for the back piece. Therefore, this project will settle a little while in my stash pile.

Speaking of stash, check out my revised pile! I'm so pleased. My girlfriend had this crazy idea to get together with a bunch of others and all our unwanted bits and pieces to exchange or loose. She called it the "Scrap and Swap", and we did it last week. All the remaining yarn and crafty stuff went to a local Senior Citizens centre where they knit and have craft sales. So, check out my new stash pile:

November is the time when the Seniors have their craft sale. I'm sure to report on that adventure and see if I can identify any yarn bits donated.


Marianne said...

The Scrap and Swap is a great idea! I may well have to start up something here in Melbourne :)

Robin said...

Orangina looks great! I just finished weaving in ends on mine and am binding off the ribbing. Hopefully in the next week I'll be completely finished and will blog about it.

By the way, I started Orangina last summer - maybe it's a project that needs to breathe a bit between stages!

gleek said...

orangina looks great!

we've also done yarn swaps and i have a bunch of yarn at home ready to donate to a senior's center but finding one in NYC is hard. any tips?

Charity said...

Orangina looks lovely! I love this pattern - I'm working on it, too, but am only about half way through the second lace bit. I've put it aside for now, though, to focus on *gasp* Christmas knitting.

Alison said...

What a fantastic idea a Scrap and Swap evening is! I've had clothes swapping evenings before when girls of a similar size clear out their wardrobes and put all the items in the middle of the floor along with other people's cast offs. You take it in turns to choose something from the pile that you'd like to take home. Et voila, a new wardrobe AND zero on your credit card!

Poshyarns said...

I love the Scrap and Swap idea, I wish I could find something like that.

Orangina looks fabulous and I love the colour, looking forward to seeing it finished.