Friday, July 07, 2006


I've had a few sales for the Hustle Bustle pattern, so I thought I'd go shopping. Last night, while perusing my long list of blogs to read I came across this talented lady:

Counting Mermaids. She's really into fibre and a smartie pants to boot! Her yarns are delicious and her latest collection celebrates the conversations she's had with a college friend of hers, Alan P Kistler, and is "based on characters from comics and Science Fiction"! On her site she's having a contest to win 'shiny' not shiny yarn. My yarn is inspired by Teen Titans, Starfire.

Buy Counting Mermaids' yarn on Etsy and enter to win.

One of my favourites to read is Nikki-Shell. I thought I'd check out what she has in her Etsy shop. Not 2 minutes later, I purchased a lovely Crochet Hook Roll. I could really use this. My crochet hooks are EVERYWHERE!

I tell you, this woman is full of talent and charisma. She goes in with a pal to buy a Lounge/Cafe and names it the Nectar Lounge, she has an Etsy store with very pretty items in it, she is a full time mum of 2 lovely girls, she's a full time wife to a hot guy, she's one of the organizers of the amazing Refashion Wardrobe blog, she organizes postcard swaps, tea swaps and the latest is the Wall of Yarn which she will be displaying in the Lounge and then auctioning off for Medecins Sans Frontieres. I only know all this from reading her blog and participating in her events for the last year!

Anyways, the woman is a super stah. So, if your in Melbourne or surrounding area, go check out the Nectar Lounge and if not, find something pretty for yourself in her shop on Etsy!

What fun.

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BlackCrow said...

Yep I agree she is one motivated and inspirational lady!
I met her on line on the 'knitting Review Forum' when she first arrived in australia.
And I knew right from the start there was something special about this person.

I hope to get to melbourne soon and head off to the Nectar Lounge.(hoping to do a few courses at a chocolate school there :)
But talking about inspirational people there are quite a few out there and you certainly are one too.