Thursday, May 04, 2006

Posted on the 3rd, As Is


Christie said...

I love the top one...but am I dumb to ask what they are for? Little purses? Are you selling them?

Colleen said...

Clearly I am clueless because I'm new to your great stuff.

Ummm, Ms. Nikki Shell just finished your wonderful bustle skirt. How does the bustle work? No one has a picture of the bustle (gee, no one wants to put a picture of her bee-hind on the 'net--not surprising). I'm inferring it's an adjustable wrap skirt and the adjustment is made in the bustle (sounds fabby!) Any interest in selling a copy of the pattern?


BlackCrow said...

Thank you miss Twiss...,Postcard arrived unscaved yesterday. Looks like you had some fun making these too:)