Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Knit In Public Day, June 10th

Through Whip-Up I learned that the World Wide Knit in Public Day is officially on June 10th this year and I've decided I would host here in Ottawa.

On the weekend of the 10th, is a FREE neighborhood festival called WESTfest , but it is the Satuday I'll focus on for the first bit.

World Wide Knit in Public Day,
Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA Contingent!

When: Saturday, June 10th at 11am and later at 4pm.

Where: During the poetry readings at 11 am and during Elliott Brood at 4pm at the main stage, at Richmond Road and Golden. Come and go as you please!

What to bring: Your knitting of course! For your comfort, bring a chair, a blanket or umbrella (the past festivals have been quite hot). There are port-a-potties throughout the premises. There are also places to eat and drink but bring your own if you'd rather have a pic-nic. Bring your kids, pets and knitting projects.

Of course, if there is anyone else who would like to host in Ottawa but elsewhere in the super city, go for it!

The following day, I'm sure I'll be knitting in public too, at the following FREE concerts: Jim Bryson, the Hilotrons and The Acorn and this wicked, I MEAN wicked performance Nukariik (Inuttitut throat singers that will knock your haunted socks off!).

Checkout the site for more information about the buskers, spoken word and visual arts.


Saucyfishsticks said...

I am so there....

Miss Twiss said...

Hooray for SaucyFishSticks!!

girlwiththeSuper8 said...

Maybe you've already heard about it and have gone, but in case you haven't - Out of the Box, a local fibre arts group is holding an exhibit at the Ottawa School of Art until Sunday. I've heard there's lots of cool stuff on exhibit and plan to go tonight!

sienna said...

I can't make the 11am (I'll be drumming...I was SO hoping to catch Anita read too) but I will be there for sure from 2pm-ish...just in time for Ember Swift (amazing!) and I'll be around for Elliot Brood too. See you then! m