Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Miss Twiss 2006 Spring Collection

After the Olympics I've not put the effort into my blog as I would have liked.

This is why I've been away... I've been making stuff:

It's a pink party dress in wool herring bone with lace details set into the wonderwoman yokey-thingy.

Here's a detail of a jacket that can be worn over the dress:

And another detail of the jacket pocket:

And lastly, for today, is a detail I really enjoy adding: Hand stitched tacks at the back vents.

Wee details make and average piece one of a kind.

Still to come from the Miss Twiss 2006 Spring Collection:

  • A cropped and flared pant with lace set into the seam like piping
  • A slim skirt with slip
  • A teaser of silky fabrics
  • KNITTING CONTENT... I'm designing my first summer sweater!


kris said...

hi! i missed you! the dress is beautiful. love the wonderwoman yokey-thingy. (i learn new dressmaking terms every time i read you! ;-))

Christie said...

You have been busy! The dress is super cute...love the color. The hand tacking is a nice touch.

K8 said...

Beautiful dress - the detailing is fantastic :)

jacqueline said...

oh wow! i get behind on my blog reading and look at your productivity. love this suit...it is way too cute!

Diana Jean said...

i love your pink outfit, wonderous, clever and inspiring details!
great work sista

LittleMissMeshell said...

So gorgeous, great job! I totally agree about the little details 'making' something. I love this dress so much!
MissMeshell xx

Mirre said...

Wow, these clothes are absolutely beautiful!

Marianne said...

What a classic! Gorgeous!