Thursday, February 23, 2006

Upstart Cabaret Presents

Enjoy some theatre, some laughter and especially yourselves in this month of freezing weather.
The Queenshead pub offers up a typical mélange of liquid luxury for you to consume while being entertained by the most exciting theatre troupe to hit the Toronto scene in recent years.

Already having a production under their belt the benefit will help to ensure that there will be many more chances to see these guys in action again.

Okay, the pitch is over.

Read the info...decide for yourselves...and if you are going out on one of these two nights anyway then decide to go to the Queenshead. You will not be disappointed.

February 27th and 28th
7:30 - 10:00 PM
The Queenshead Pub
659 Queen St W

* * * * *
Hey Toronto! Check it out! Support local talent! Support young talent!

My Nephew is a working actor in Toronto. He's a handsome young man. He prefers theatre to film but won't turn away flick script.

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Dawna said...

I look for Ben when watching Canadian programming. It makes it difficult though as I haven't seen him since he was 4 years old. So I look for his name...