Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Pinky Tweedy Vesty Complety

Why I'm in to grey I can't say. At least eventually everything matches!

I knit the smallest size in the pattern, and I fell it could be a bit smaller. I'm just not big enough.

Bernat Denim Style yarn, 70% soft acrylic, 30% soft cotton
KnitSCENE pattern No. 2 , page 11 by Mona Schmidt

I knit a bit too many rows than called for along the neckline, but I'm liking it.

So far, the acrylic in the yarn hasn't bothered me. But it is a bit too mauve of a pink to work with my new pink herringbone in my Spring collection. Too bad for me, I'll have to buy some new yarn.

Now, I have the Knitting Olympics to consider. The Yarn Harlot is organizing it an I'm loving the idea. You must select a project that will challenge you for the 16 days of the Olympics. You cast on during the opening ceremonies and you've got to have your item complete by the closing ceremonies. And since I've written a list of knitting resolutions for 2006, I feel socks are in order.

But I can't just give credit to a pesky list. I must give credit to this entry, written by NIKKI-SHELL, an interview with s t r i k k e r . My god that girl can whip up socks! Totally inspiring and worth envying. . . if that is a word.

I'm so happy about this new craft site, Whip Up. A place I'll be spending far too much time at.


kris said...

omg, how cute are you!

love the vest! too bad you have to buy more yarn, though. what a bummer.

Nichola said...

Cute vest! Thanks for the mention.

jacqueline said...

oh man - you are way too cute! i'm loving the grey!