Monday, February 20, 2006

Ain't Too Proud to Frog

My challenge is on target. The training helped. The coaching was spectacular. The execution, well let's just say, "I ain't too proud to frog." I knit this one sock a few times. I'm hoping the second of the pair is an easier run.

Here is a detail of the cable work. And here, the heel. A bit short from too many frogged attempts, eagerness to turn the heel and inability to balance wine drinking and knitting, but it fits.

And I must mention, it fits my guy, not me.

My guy wants me to quickly whip up the next one so he can wear the pair to work and show them off, "My Girlfriend knit these Olympic socks" Well, he's proud. And I'm proud he'll wear them.


kris said...

oh man, your first pair of socks and they're not even for you! they look fab, though, but you know, smaller socks are quicker!

hope your toes are warm again now!

Christie said...

How cute he wants to show off your handiwork.

jacqueline said...

thos socks are way too cute! i love them...cute cable detail.