Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Ottawa Made KNIT-IT!

If you go here, http://www.brakstad.net/sider/knitit.htm, click on Ottawa, you will see 10 pictures of our participation in this art piece. It was so much fun and I'll do it again. No. 7 is my intern! And it was her first day at work. Lucky girl! No. 10, the photo was taken by me. It says it was taken by the photographer, but he was in the picture. Hhmn. No big deal, I just thought it was funny. It is a great picture. That is Tania, she organized Ottawa's contingent. She was getting her wrists slapped by a RCMP officer (Royal Canadian Military Police). He jokingly said our knitting needles could be weapons and we should apply for permission to knit on Parliament Hill. He was a good sport. We left soon after.


jacqueline said...

ok ... spill the beans - which one are you?

i have big regrets that i didn't get this up and happening in melbourne

Miss Twiss said...

I'm the second from the left, in this picture! http://www.brakstad.net/sider/gallery/ottawa3.htm