Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Close-Ups of Sock in Progress

Tonight is our Stitich 'n' Bitch and it is only an amount of time before I join the cult of sock knitting.

Above are pictures of my sister working away on a pair from her very own hand spun. She makes identical pairs of variegated hand spun. I don't know how she does it!
Socks would be so quick, so fun, so challenging. Maybe next year.

Christmas is on its way and I'm focused on gifts. Ruffles would be a lovely item to receive. One Skein Wonders and variations of it like a Two Skein Long Sleeved Wonder. Felted - Fulled bags from Lopi.

But Tonight! I work on my Lace Leaf Pull Over. And that's another entry.


K8 said...

Sock knitting is great :) And the cult is always welcoming new members :)

Diana Jean said...

great hands, love those photos, did you get the package David sent?