Thursday, October 27, 2005

Snail Mail

It has left my hands and the comfort of my handbag. Ruffles officially was sent off to Finland on October 17th.

Kristel, it won't get there in a week, it might not take two weeks. It is traveling by land and there is much water between our homes. I couldn't pay triple the cost to ship it faster. But it is on it's way!

Kristel is the greatest sport of all blogland. She is also an excellent lace knitter. Check out her stash on her blog Elamanlankaa and if you read Finish, it is even better for you!

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Kristel said...

I finally got the package today! It had gotten stuck in customs, for some reason, and I had to go to the customs office and open it there so the lady could see there were no meat products inside... Go figure. :D

Anyway, thank you! I love the scarf, and I will post a picture on the syno blog one of these days when the husband and I happen to be at home at the same time during daylight hours. ;)