Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Just Do It

I received this package in the mail yesterday. I had to leave early in order to go to the post office and make it in time for work. You should have seen me riding my bike across town with this HUGE box in tow. My sister sent it to me. Inside is:
  • a lovely card
  • bunch of handspun balls of yarn
  • a tin of stitch holder, quite pretty too
  • a few pair of circular needles
  • basically her stash is now my stash.

Thank You D.

On another note completely, I'm pretty excited for this weekend coming up. My man and I will be off to Montreal to see the White Stripes! We will be staying at a petite Bed & Breakfast, La Maison du Patriote in Old Montreal. And then the next night, we see Sigur Ros. Some hard Detroit rock with an Icelandic fairy chaser.

So much live music, so little time.

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