Monday, August 29, 2005

Working at Work

This is a drawing of the work table I would like to either have built or build myself in order to draft my patterns at work.

I'll need on the table the following:

  • It'll have to be 95cm tall. Including castors that stop and start.
  • A drawer at one end that can contain my very long rulers.
  • A shelf at the bottom to secure the weight and distance of the legs, and to rest my weary and short legs (one at a time) while standing at it.
  • A paper dispenser at the other end, so I can just roll off the paper to work on.
  • So the table will have to be a little over 100cm long.
  • And at least 80cm wide

I'm hoping this won't set me too far back. Have I considered everything?

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Anonymous said...

Hey Laura,
Did you get my package? I just want to make sure it got there okay.
Thanks Beth (big geek)