Friday, July 08, 2005

The New Godet Skirt

See the pink and dark brown triangles in the skirt? The triangles are godets, sewn into a seam, or not, these are sewn into the princess seam of the skirt. In the denim skirt there was a little godet sewn into a bigger godet sewn into an even bigger godet, therefore the volume of the skirt was crazy fun. This skirt here, well the fabric spoke to me and said, "Twiss, just little ones this time". So there you go. My New Godet Skirt for early fall.

This fabric is vintage, 100% cotton sateen. The godets are sheer cotton, layered brown on pink, pink on brown, you can't see the full effect on the 'puter. I appliqued a cotton lace yoke / decoration of sorts to the waistline. The reason for the "pose" is to show off how low the skirt sits on the hips and the lace detail. I also sewed up loops with pretty button on the side to embellish where the lace meets.

And lastly, are you sick of those shoes yet? They are pretty, but I'm wearing them in every picture I've taken so far!


jacqueline said...

the shoes rock and the skirt is just divine! you are way toooo talented

Nichola said...

Your skirt looks amazing! You are such a talented gal, i love visiting your blog.