Friday, July 29, 2005

Foxy Obi - Wan

Years ago I found this fabric, it was expensive and ridiculous. But I got a kick out of the print. It is 100% brushed cotton. So I made an obi out of a portion of the fabric.

Here is the best part, a close-up:

I deconstructed the images of the print with beadwork and embroidery. It was fun but it took hours to do.

Any word of the issue on fox hunting? Who ever does this sport anyway?

There isn't a fox in sight on my obi.


Christie said...

That's so cool!

anna said...

that's lovely - is it lined?

jacqueline said...

fox hunting has been banned in the uk i think. you could google to find out more. i know those english lords weren't too happy with the ban.

Miss Twiss said...

The other side is a striped twill, tone on tone, gold fabric. It is a lightweight upholstery. There is a tiny piping along the edge and leather laces, keeping in the horsey genre. I didn't add interfacing since it is meant to go around the waist or a little lower where we bend and stretch, the interfacing would deter those actions.
Ladies, thank you for your comments.

Peggy said...

The obi is gorgeous, I can understand why you like the fabric so much. I love the added embroidery - it adds some oomph to it!

Anonymous said...


try reading Rita Mae Browns books on the topic (Hotspur, Outfoxed). They are fun and might offer an insight. There is a third one, but I can't remember the title. Check one out at the library, I love most of her books.