Thursday, June 09, 2005

Weekend Update

Sunday at 3 pm, Miss McTwiss the Eldest was whisked away by her mother to be brought home. At that point, all that remained on Joey was to put his hair on, his laces, his glasses and his face.

My niece did a fantastic job. We knit him up together. Sharing bits and learning along the way. I didn't have any fibrefill to stuff him with, so we went old school, we filled him up with dried beans! His glasses will be made of a pair of teeny-weeny sequins. He looked great at his time of departure!

Friday nite we checked out the Weirdo-Centre, teenager style. We saw all the shops my niece liked. We saw so many trends done up on the cheap; it was eye opening. I really should do that more often, it is research after all. We ended that evening with burgers at A&W.

Saturday we ventured into the Glebe to see a weekend art festival called Arts in the Park. I was happy to bring her there. She saw many different types of art and we met many people. After that, we checked out a few cool record stores and that yarn store I mentioned before. Then, we returned to my place in time to have a pic-nic in the back yard and to continue the Joey.

Sunday morning we had a lovely breakfast: Northern Ontario blueberry filled pancakes with home-made maple syrup, crispy bacon, fresh-squeezed orange juice with sparkling wine and cafe-au-lait. What more could a teenager ask?

Our soundtrack of the weekend consisted of:

  • The Ramones, naturally,
  • Bright Eyes,
  • Stars,
  • Air,
  • The Raveonettes.

And at night we watched:

  • Royal Tennenbaums,
  • Jaw Breaker,
  • The Simple Life: the first year.

My sister-in-law promised to send me pictures of the finished Joey. All that writing and no eye-candy.


kris said...

sounds like a great weekend! i'm very much looking forward to seeing the finished joey.

Anonymous said...

What a weekend! I can't wait to see the finished creation.


Diana Jean said...

What fun, can I get a coupon too?

Miss Twiss said...

Well ladies, the Joey still needs his hair done. I forgot to pack the ball of yarn off with the niece. In time. In time.