Friday, May 06, 2005

Small Business Rocks the Muse

The energy I put into my job will return to me.

Small Business has it's instant gratification qualities.

It isn't like: I achieve my incentives therefore I'm pleasing a manager who's pleasing a district manager who's pleasing a CEO who's pleasing a president who's pleasing stock holders.

It is like: I'm pleasing a customer who is happy with their purchase and the service who will tell people about their purchase and the service and who will return and that pleases me.

I know that right now I'm in the curve. It'll all settle and I'll be comfortable and confident. The Muse is waiting for me. In the meantime I have ideas cooking up...
  • I see linen and cotton, flirty pink skirts.
  • I see matching halter tops with a little beaded details
  • I see white linen and cotton long wide trousers
  • I see fun t-shirts with an oversized pocket detail on top

Oooh. The patterns are ready. The studio is a mess.

The time is coming, is on its way. I can feel it.

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