Friday, May 13, 2005

It's No Itsy Bitsy

Louise Bourgeois' Spiders
at Rockefeller Centre in New York City, July 2001.

I'm happy to share with anyone who reads this blog that The National Gallery of Canada recently purchased and installed in its Plaza Louise Bourgeois' Maman. Click here to see a Live-WebCam of the sculpture. Click here to read the press release. The N.G.C. contemporary collection is incredibly, well contemporary.... let's review

Each season is accompanied with excellent and generous artist talk. Talks I always get so much out of. After Thomas Demand's talk I wanted to send him a bottle of "Liquid Band-Ade" for all those paper cuts he and his staff must get. I can never look at a stack of lawn chairs again without thinking of Brian Jungen. And each time I grate Parmesan onto my supper I can't help but think of Rodney Graham's work... my boyfriend has to remind me to stop grating.

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