Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Cocktail of the Summer

! ! !
1 oz. Gin
Lime juice
Shake it up cold-
Pour into a champagne flute
Top up with champagne
Enjoy the buzzz. . .
It's called a "(put correct name here) 77"
If anyone knows what it this concoction is called, please tell me.


mellibelli said...

I'd guess it's called "my granny in '77"....time to put the gin on ice? Figured I'd indulge in some frosty bubbly post-delivery, but man, that seems ever-so much more celebratory! CHEERS!

Miss Twiss said...

Hey if your the kind who likes a good Gin 'n Tonic and are adventurous enough to substitute the tonic for Bubbles --- you have one fantastic drinky-poo!


kris said...

gah, i meant to comment on this one ages ago but then i couldn't access the comments and then i forgot all about it ...

isn't it a "french 77" or "french 75" or something like that? i remember i made it once and it's absolutely fantastic. not to mention effective.

Miss Twiss said...

Yes, it's a French 77!

Thank you Kris.