Friday, April 01, 2005

Universal Vs. Ballpoint

The ice released the tires from my bicycle. I rode it to a quilters shop up the street. There were many different types of sewing machine needles. It was a debate between two varieties. Universal needles and ballpoint needles. A pack of needles is $5. I didn't know which to choose. The ladies were far too busy to even look at me let alone assist me. But I'm cranky anyways, the skipping stitches will crank anyone. So I ended up buying size 12 and size 10 Universal. I can always use them, if they don't work the jersey.

Here is the story:

I had a size 14 ballpoint needle on the machine. It skipped. I tried lowering the needle. It would sew 5 stitches, skip 3, sew 9 stitches, skip 2, etc.

I tried a size 11 stretch needle on the machine. It skipped. I tried lowering the needle, something different happened. It sewed more than it skipped! Something positive could be happening! I tried lowering it a little more and it sewed about 25 stitches, and skip only 1. This put a smile on my face.

I tried my new needles. The same story as the size 14 ballpoint, for both. So, the Universal needles don't work.

My next move: size 8 or 10 ballpoint. Or a tune up.

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Diana Jean said...

You are so resourceful and patient with your problem solving. But it may be time for tune-up. I had a tune-up done on my old Singer. Cost $35 and it worked like a dream after that. They cleaned places I couldn't get it, let alone know existed.