Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The Original Handbag

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Note the different textures and colours of yarn. My very own built-by-me variegated yarn.

This was really fun to knit. I couldn't stop. I wanted to keep knitting to see how the combinations -different lengths of yarn- would work.

I struggled with deciding which side to use, the flat knit or bumpy purl. After setting the fabric aside for a few day I pulled all the ends to the purl side of the fabric, giving it a jungle like texture.

I like that, random, unstructured, free.

Then I threw it in the wash a few times.

Don't be shocked, I'm ruthless... it didn't cost much and there are so many different fibre contents that it didn't really matter to me how it turned out. All the wool felted up pretty tight. Any yarn with a touch of acrylic didn't budge. It was quite and experiment.

Then I fell in-love with felting my knits.


eastern white said...

the clutch and the bag are just gorgeous!

Miss Twiss said...

Thank you. They were fun to make.

Sara said...

Oh, this is really cool. I love this and your ruffled clutch. I'm so glad you commented and I found your site!