Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Bleck Blah Blach

Ick. Woke up with the legs aching and the neck sore. Might be, in fact it is, a cold. It coulda been the bike ride home without my hat. It coulda been the show last nite. The boyfriend and I went to Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings. Maybe my expectations are too high, but we left after a fourth of the way through. They sounded like a bad generic James Brown cover band. It turns out the band played for two hours. Good for them, they got some practice. Good for me, I was asleep by the time they finished.

I won't be at the local Hintonburg Knit gathering tonite. Not happy.

Cancelled my plans to have dinner at Miss Twiss the Younger to meet her friends from afar too. Not happy.

That puts me in bed with my hot toddy my knitting and my latest read on Sericulture.

Counting down to new adventures : 3


kris said...

poor thing. hope you feel better soon!

getting very curious about this countdown thingie you're doing. of course, in three days i will be on holiday without internet access. argh. (that would be re the internet access, not the holiday ;-))

Miss Twiss said...

We' ll count together! It won't be a holiday for me but it is as exciting and there is an amount of change....