Saturday, April 16, 2005

Album of the Week

My boyfriend is the greatest boyfriend in the world!
Ted Leo/Pharmacists, "Heart of Oak" Posted by Hello

This week he brought in Ted Leo + Pharmacists "Heart of Oak". A great record to dance to! You can hear his love of rock in his music. The lyrics are not corny as one would expect with Rock-Pop...

It's times like these when a neck looks for a knife, a wrist for a razor, a heart is longing for bullets. Tension is high under sea and over sky. Pressure drop, people are acting foolish. Ooh - but it's easy to see! Ooh - we could dance and be free. Ooh - to that 2-tone beat! But it looks like it's gone... Gangsters and clowns with a stereotyped sound - it's coming like a ghost town - someone always knew it. Hatred and shame, a racialist game - cycles of blame - someone sang me through it. Who? Well it's easy to see. Ooh - we would dance to be free. Ooh - to that 2-tone beat! But it looks like it's gone.... I asked Jerry, he told Terry, Terry sang a song just for me, Lynvall gave a message to me, Rhoda screamed and then asked me, "Where have all the Rude boys gone?"

My boyfriend [I love how geeky-sexy he is, ooooh] tells me "Where Have All The Rude Boys Gone?" is about The Specials. Jerry is the organist, Terry is the vocalist. Gangsters is a song on their album. 2-tone is the record label, black and white, you know? - the movement, ska.

Leo + Rx recorded a fantastic version of "Since U Been Gone", yes it is true it even has a segment of Yeah Yeah Yeah's "Maps" , leading back into "Since..." I think it is so much fun! Find it here, Gorilla vs. Bear music blog. He gives a good write.

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